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Hastlayer in London again: visiting ProgSCon 2016

ProgSCon is a cozy programming conference held yearly in London, organized by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. We at Lombiq also sponsored the conference in 2016 and gave the first public full-blown demo of Hastlayer ever! Turning software into hardware - HastlayerSoftware is flexible, specialized hardware is extremely fast. So why not write software, then turn it into a computer chip? This is what Hastlayer does by transforming .NET software into FPGA-implemented logic circuits.The result is faster and uses less power while developers just keep on writing software. You may not be able to tell just by looking at it but behind some function calls now really an FPGA is working! (slides) This was the topic of our talk and hopefully attendees weren't disappointed: for the first time we showcased Hastlayer in its entirety, including how you as a developer would utilize it. You can also watch the full talk: If you're interested you can also download the slides of the Hastlayer talk here. Want to see our rig? These two very ordinary FPGA boards can make your software orders of magnitude faster!