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Hastlayer first unveiled at FPL 2015 London

The first public unveil of Hastlayer happened in the fall of 2015 on the FPL 2015 conference (FPL stands for Field-programmable Logic, so everything related to the technology of FPGAs). FPL 2015 was organized by the Imperial College London and held in the university's London campus. We with Hastlayer got the opportunity to take part on the Demo Night and showcase the state of the project to the attendees. The Hastlayer table/"booth" with our poster and two from the Hastlayer team: Zoltán Lehóczky and Benedek Farkas Attendees were mostly professionals who work with field-programmable technologies, less software developers who'd need a solution like Hastlayer. Despite this the feedback we got was very valuable. People generally really liked how easy to use Hastlayer is. And here's the poster from the above picture!