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GPU Day with Hastlayer again

Just as last year, this 22-23 June Hastlayer will again be showcased at the GPU Day conference, organized by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Expect to see some exciting news on what we've built with Hastlayer. Scientific computations ahead! This year's conference is even sponsored by us!

FPGAs among GPUs: Hastlayer on GPU Day

GPU programming is commonplace today but utilizing FPGAs to make softwar faster isn't: that's how Hastlayer arrived at the conference called GPU Day to make the power of FPGAs available to the masses! GPU Day is a yearly GPU and now also high-performance computing conference in Budapest, Hungary (and it's now actually two days!). The organizer is the internationally renowed Wigner Research Centre for Physics, a scientific institute also using GPUs and FPGAs for computing tasks. The conference is intentionally kept small with around 80 attendees, but this also allows for visitors to really connect with each other. This year the venue for GPU Day was the futuristic Wigner Data Centre, the computer datacenter that processes data of CERN's particle physics experiments. And the event was a blast: great crowd, insightful discussions and exciting talks by people from around Europe. We presented the state of Hastlayer with a live demonstration, an improved version of what we've shown at ProgSCon. Unfortunately no recordings or photos, sorry!