v1.0.9 released with many fixes and a new sample

Hastlayer v1.0.9 is out! Not many new features but you'll love these bugfixes! Here are the most important changes:

  • Binary operator expressions (like 1 + 2) could in some cases give incorrect results, as could remainder operations (e.g. 9 % 4). These are all fixed now.
  • When you try to transform a piece of code with Hastlayer which Hastlayer doesn't support now better error messages will be surfaced, hinting you what exactly the problem is.
  • And there is also a new Loopback sample that just sends back what you send it from the host PC. This is to test connectivity and use as a generic testbed.

Hope you'll like these! We've been working on features too, for example adding floating point support, which is mostly done now. We'll talk about it at various conference, starting with ones in Singapore this week!

zoltan.lehoczky Release