Showcasing Hastlayer on IEEE's SMC 2016 conference

Hastlayer exhibition smc 2016 As mentioned earlier Hastlayer was part of the show on the IEEE SMC conference! With about 1000 people signed up from all over the world we had quite a big crowd checking out our table too, meeting with many inspiring people during the four days of the conference.

IEEE is one of the world's most famous and renowned (as well as largest) technical professional organization that needs no introduction. IEEE's Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMC) held its annual conference in October in Budapest, Hungary. Showing the weight of the event even the President and CEO of IEEE itself, Barry L. Shoop, was attending.

A lot of people came to our table to see what Hastlayer is and what is it good for. We're looking forward to the fruitful partnerships that will come out of all of these new connections!

zoltan.lehoczky IEEE IEEE SMC conference Budapest exhibition