Hastlayer is now fully open-source!

We at Lombiq are quite fond of open-source: The company was born out of open-source, and we have a huge amount of open-source activities. However, until now, Hastlayer wasn't fully open-source. This is because the hardware transformation, so the secret sauce that turns your .NET apps into their own processors, was, well, secret. Not anymore though!

We recognized that building a business model of Hastlayer where we license closed-source software goes against our DNA. It's not something that aligns with how we work otherwise, we don't like it, and it doesn't go as smoothly as it can with open-source. So, back to what we believe in the most: Great software, out in the open.

If you want Hastlayer to support new hardware devices (FPGAs), then we have good news too: The Hastlayer Timing Tester app is now open-source as well. You can use this to create the timing values required for hardware designs, which is at the core of creating a driver for a new device.

Do you want to deep dive into the magic of what makes Hastlayer tick? Just head over to the SDK repository! We're really excited to see where you, the development community, will steer Hastlayer!

zoltan.lehoczky Open source Release