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Hastlayer is being developed by Lombiq Technologies, a .NET software services company from Hungary. Imagine a thriving, inspiring open source tech community with an ever-growing membership. This is what Lombiq aims to be, with a company around it. Not to mention clients like the .NET Foundation and Microsoft itself. And if you need anything with Orchard CMS-based web development, we have you covered!

Ready for keywords? Open source, Orchard CMS, .NET software development, ASP.NET MVC, distributed team, cloud-first, Microsoft Azure, training, hosting and operations, support, SaaS, university courses.

So, a lot. And also green-field experimental projects like Hastlayer.

We showcased Hastlayer .NET Conf 2017, on the Imperial College of London's FPL 2015 conference and on ProgSCon "The Programming Conference" 2016 in London. Hastlayer was also presented at GPU Day in 2016 and 2017, exhibited on IEEE SMC 2016 and showcased at IEEE iNIS.